Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Short Biography of Jesse Ahmann

Jesse Ahmann is a cellist, teacher, and composer from the United States.  He's performed as principal cellist in many symphonies, teaches as a clinician at music events, arranges music for whatever project comes his direction. 
Jesse discovered a love from improvisation shortly after high school when he was asked to "jam" with other musician friends.  Since then, he's been a part of jazz groups, folk ensembles, singer/songwriter gigs and studio recordings, bluegrass circles and much more.

"The cello is personal. It is an extension of my soul.  What I fail in words, I want to express through this instrument." -Jesse Ahmann


Saturday, January 2, 2016

Sacrificing your "Soulmate" over Convenience.

One lonely night I was watching the finale episode of "Master of None," an original Netflix series.  I started the series believing Aziz Ansari's character "Dev" was vain.  He constantly interrupted his friends when he received a text and he only talked about himself or gossips about others. 
Now, this hit deep.  I've been playing music a long time, have met some famous musicians and have been on the cusp of greatness as it were.  Dev, an Indian actor has the same plight. He dates a lot, works when he can, but every relationship fails in some shape or form.
I'm a millennial, I've done some great things in my life.  I enjoy people, watching our pop culture evolve, having intellectual conversations, hanging at a coffee shop and living free.
Now as I get older, I know what relationships will work and what won't.  I've tried, I've failed, I've ignored all the red flags... 
I'm ready to really care for someone, invest in someone, and fall in love.