Friday, February 17, 2017

285 hertz, an interesting observation...

So I was experimenting playing around in other tunings, harmonizing to 285 hz.  An instrumentalist can tune their "A note" to A=425 hz, play in the key of D major and the harmonies come alive.  My cello sounded great playing in 425, I've often played in 432 hz....but I love 425 hz.  In parts of the classical and romantic periods, music was tuned to A=425, but we've tuned the "A" higher and higher through the ages.  
I also read 425 hz is the frequency of air. [1] So 285 hz relates to everything around us, even the air...  Some say 285 hz has healing properties and aligns our cells to their natural state.  
So listen, relax...and take in this frequency, like the air we breathe.    

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