Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Zeta electric cello

I really like this cello.  However I use my acoustic one with a Schertler pickup.  This set-up gets we a better tone than any electric-cello.
Ever so often I break this out for a rock band gig, otherwise it's the pickup for me.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Cello for a Student

I have a wonderful student named Marianne.  She has never played cello in her life, now at age 75 she wants to learn the instrument.  "It'll be good for my brain!" She tells me.  I agree, what a wonderful ambition to follow.
So, she had no instrument; just pure ambition.  So I went hunting online for a suitable instrument for her that wouldn't hurt my budget.   I found an old cello with some beauty hidden under the roughness, the cello has been through hell and back, worked on by "woodshop amateurs" and probably not played in a very long time.  Judging by it's body, it looked to be a gem.  Here are some photos.

I took this instrument "as is" to my luthier Jim Guimot in Bozeman, Mt.  He took this unplayable ugly (on the outside) cello and made this absolutely stunning.  Here are the pics after he worked on it.

 Now, I am happy and have a happy student playing a beautiful cello that plays magnificently!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Psychedelic Dream

I had a dream.  It was psychedelic.  My mind was overtaken by shapes and colors I haven't seen before.   No I wasn't doing drugs.
I hope to have more of these dreams, I get creative then.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Online Cello Lessons

I have taught online lessons via Skype.
Feel free to peruse my website and check out my youtube channel.  You can always call or text me if you are interested.  (406) 219-1227

If you think I am the right fit for you, visit my store and purchase either an hour or half-hour lesson.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Contrapposto and Security

    I have always been accused of being contrary to what is considered the social norm.  Sure, boundaries must be crossed, sacred cows pushed over and paradigms shifted.  I've just grown past being contrary just for the sake of disagreement. In getting older, I see the value in finding agreements in other people. Still I see paradigms that haven't shifted, sacred cows still standing and people staying within their own boundries.  
    In relation to music, I was offered an opportunity to teach music in another community.  I applied for the job, hit a homerun in the interview but didn't follow up.  First of all, I've tired of leaving people.  I'm fresh out of a divorce and I left my many good friends in Bozeman, Mt to move to Whitefish, Mt.  Now that I've made a fresh niche in Whitefish, I cannot selfishly leave what I have going on here.  I love being a part of Fresh off the Vine, principle cellist in the Glacier Symphony and Chorale and various other ensembles.  Now is my time to expand, to promote and develop myself as a musician.

   Fighting the popular opinion is not my gig, I want to remain palatable to the general public whether it be in music or in my views of politics, religion ect.. I will stay intellectually honest with myself hoping to pursue my dreams and goals.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Disabled Monetization? For what reason again!!!

I frequently get this message when submitting for revenue sharing.  I don't understand.  These happen on videos that I create myself, just playing my own music!!!  

Friday, March 30, 2012

Thursday, March 22, 2012

One Republic Secrets Cello Sheet Music

I haven't seen the cello sheet music online, but the whole song is only 4 chords same order/tempo all the way through. D-F#m-Bm-G.  The cellist plays an arpeggiated pattern through these chords. (check out the sheet music)  Sometimes he varies the pattern some; I could explain the subtleties in more detail; but the audience will not know the difference if you are planning on incorporating the cello in the "Secrets" cover.
For the sheet music to Apologize click here.

One Republic Apologize Cello Part

Same chords over and over.  As a cellist maybe you could improvise through these after the intro and before the the band ramps it up at the end. (depending on your cover band)
Cm - Fm/Ab - Eb - Bb/D

Nyan Cat Cover with Sheet Music

My cover of Nyan Cat, with the sheet music included.

Right click "Save As" to save the music to your computer.