Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Every Single Day we Exist, but is it Worth it?

The slog

We pretend to be excited
but everything is boring
Cautious laughter, 
it can't be that adoring 
Cute puppies, just atoms 
Little children, delighted
The past flew by, 
memories but phantoms
Come quickly sweet death,
There is no purpose
Take my last breath,
All my talent and charm,

We can choose to look into our own self-worth and compare our happiness to others, our financial status with our friends, our attractiveness with others on Facebook.  We can get our endorphins through Instagram likes, Facebook comments, YouTube likes on our videos.  There's plenty of things to be sad about, we can watch the news and all seems hopeless, the world hasn't evolved yet.  
All of this --- nobody cares.  Nobody cares how you feel.  Even those close to you want you to feel better, all so they don't have to put up with your shit.  
"Don't be depressed" 
they may say, only because you are dragging them down.  
Is there hope?  Sure, if we imagine a life free from suffering and death.  That's the allure of heaven.
The life we live now, maybe in our hurting state is something we can enjoy moment by moment.  Every breath is a gift, an opportunity to make someone else smile.  Treasure time, give back to people, enjoy all you can.  That's the secret to happiness.