Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Theology of Difference

Let's sit down and talk and have a conversation.  Raw and honest.

My experiences vs yours... 
My knowledge vs yours... 
My sacred cows vs yours...
My delusions vs yours...

Before we make assumptions, inter-personal relationships are not built upon "versus," but upon mutual respect.  When accusations are made, personal doubt accompanied by emotion often ensues. In all truthfulness however, God is personal to many...and according to them, His image must not be questioned.  Is is their whole reality.
It's not a matter of ourselves vs a competitive ideology.

John Piper vs Rob Bell
Sam Harris vs William Lane Craig 
R.C. Sproul vs John McArthur
Leprechauns vs tooth fairies  

Heart issues, let's talk about that.  We may get caught up too much in ideology, thus causing divisiveness.  Can we meet in our fragility?  Talk about what led us to how we think, meet each other where we are at.
Personally, the false beliefs I cling to are many...if I knew what they were I'd try to change that paradigm.  So I try not make absolute statements and pin others as hateful when we question what may be deemed as "the solid rock."

Friday, June 7, 2013

A song for my sister.

My cousin, Gabriella Van Dyke composed, played piano and sang a song dedicated to my sister Christina.  (I just added some cello enhancements)  Gabi's talent and heart resonates with all of us regardless of our ideology.  I remember an evening of playing "Christina's Song,"  immediate family and her pastor and his wife were in her bedroom.  This was the first moment I really could cry.  The emotion, the joy of my sister's life, her faith were all embodied in this one track.  In that evening we shared, laughed, cried....sharing encouraging words and fun memories.  I will never forget that evening and a certain powerful piece of music with beautiful words helped make that a special time, so thank you Gabi.  I am honored to play cello for any of her pieces she may create in the future.  

For $1.29 you can purchase this track.  The money does not go to goes to support Gabi.   So my exhortation to you cousin Gabi: KEEP CREATING.  
Click below to purchase the track.  After you buy, you will be redirected and immediately download the file in zip format.  Simply unzip and play it in itunes or any other method you choose. 
If you are not redirected, please text your email to this number.  (406) 219-1227


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's day music

Last night I sat down and played a simple I-vi-ii-V improv.  Each chord was 2 measures in 144 to a quarter note in 4/4 time.  What was seemingly simple took some thinking, with such a slow simple progression it's actually more difficult to be creative and keep the solo moving.  The trick in any improv is to "tell a story."  This particular solo starts simple and sweet, is passionate in parts...but moving through the sweet cello harmony which represents my mom and my sister.