Thursday, February 16, 2017

174 hertz - For grounding...for relaxation

174 Hz is the foundational Solfeggio Frequency for the earth, and according to many; a grounding waveform, and a karmic energy.  This frequency will re-arrange energy and perception, grooming a stable foundation for the acceleration and evolution of consciousness.

Karma refers to actions and their inevitable consequences, whether spiritual, mental, or physical. If we speak in anger we will provoke an angry response. But if we generate loving thoughts, we will facilitate greater connection. We need to heal negative emotional habits within in order to free ourselves of destructive patterns and align us with heart consciousness.

This all sounds like woo-woo, however when all these waveforms align with nature, the geometry of the universe and frequencies used in medicine, I cannot deny some of these properties.  Thus, I will supply a playlist using these frequencies.

You can purchase the full Album here!

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Helena de Groot said...

Hi Jesse,

I just found your 174 Hz piece on YouTube, and I wanted to come by and thank you! I'm pretty skeptical of some of the more out-there assertions (that it would cure cancer, etc.) but I do find it to be incredibly grounding. I'm working (writing) at a coffee shop, and your music helps me tune out all the buzz around me and focus on the page.

Thank you!